XK-A-10x8-BU Mounting Kit for XK-60 and XK-80 Series

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The X-keys 10x8 Bracket is made of high grade industrial poly carbonate. It comes pre-machined with holes to fit up to three Modular Hose mounts or standard 75mm and 100mm VESA mounts. The bracket includes screws to mount an X-keys.
The 10x8 Kit includes everything you need to mount an X-keys to a second plate which may be screwed, bolted, or otherwise attached to any flat surface. Add or remove modular hose links to your required length.

Add a pair of Modular Hose "Y" connectors to any kit to turn the flexible arm into a cord conduit.

Fits XK-60, XK-80 and XK-68 Series. Includes screws for mounting to X-keys

Mounting Kit Only - X-keys unit not Included!