X-keys USB Encoder Board

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The X-keys USB Encoder Board uses the same electronic design as the X-keys programmable keypads and foot pedals. Ideal for writing your own input panel such as a cockpit simulator or other gaming stations this encoder board has 128 digital inputs in an 8 x 16 matrix.

Full MacroWorks software support in addition to the internal memory to retain hardware resistant macros the X-keys encoder board is ideal if you want to create your own unique piece of kit. The 128 switch points in the matrix are connected by wiring one side of the 8 switches to one of the 16 column pins. The other side of each switch is then wired (through a diode) to one of the 8 rows and the wiring is completed for each of the 16 columns. Using standard single diodes will isolate each switch so that no phantom keys will appear if more than 3 keys are pressed.

Keyboard Specialists (KBS) are the official UK distributor of X-Keys products, and we take pride when dealing with all X-Keys enquiries. We keep large amounts of stock of all products and take care when packaging and dispatching to ensure these products arrive in pristine condition. KBS will happily work on any custom X-Keys projects and supports you through the entire ordering process, working quickly and efficiently on every enquiry. After-purchase support is available if you need any help with installing or setting up your X-Keys.