X-Keys Single Board Computer Enclosure

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Create a standalone control console by adding a single board computer to one of our XKE-128 or XKE-124 T-bar X-keys. This powder-coated steel enclosure houses any single board computer in a strong secure position under the X-keys. Kensington lock slots on each end of the box give you multiple options for ensuring the device won’t walk away. While designed to fit the Intel NUC, this enclosure is adaptable to fit any single board computer.

  • Compatible with X-keys XKE-128 and XKE-124 T-bar
  • Bolts securely to T slots on the X-keys
  • Solidly supports the X-keys at a 45-degree angle
  • Open access to ports on the back panel
  • Installation Instructions

Keyboard Specialists (KBS) are officially the UK distributor of X-Keys products and we take pride when dealing with all X-Keys enquiries. We keep large amounts of stock of all products and take care when packaging and dispatching to ensure these products arrive in pristine condition. KBS will happily work on any custom X-Keys projects and supports you through the entire ordering process, working quickly and efficiently on any enquiry. Even after-purchase support is available if you need any help with installing or setting up your X-Keys.