X-keys 80 Key Programmable KVM Keyboard

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The X-keys XK-60 keypad is a unique programmable kit designed for broadcasting and media environments and lays out 80 re-programmable keys which can then be set up to assist with macros shortcuts and any other function. Designed for low lit areas with red and blue backlighting this keypad can be customised by putting on and using your own specialist keycaps and key blockers creating this keypad to be used in any environment or industry. Use quad keycaps to create large keys tall and wide keycaps and even key blockers to create your ideal programmable kit. 


Compatible with Windows and Mac with free downloadable programming software the XK-12 is perfect for anyone who wants to work with ease and create shortcuts to support and assist with workload. 
The difference with the X-keys XK-24 KVM compared to the classic X-keys XK-24 design is that KVM switches allow to control multiple computers from a single work station saving an administrator money as access will be allowed to multiple PC's. 


Keyboard Specialists (KBS) are officially the UK distributor of X-keys products and we take pride when dealing with all X-keys enquiries. We keep large amounts of stock of all products and take care when packaging and dispatching to ensure these products arrive in pristine condition. KBS will happily work on any custom X-keys projects and supports you through the entire ordering process working quickly and efficiently on any enquiry. Even after-purchase support is available if you need any help with installing or setting up your X-keys.