X-keys 128 Key Keyboard and Video Switcher Bundle

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Our largest programmable keyboard the XKE-128 offers 128 programmable keys in a commercial duty extruded case and now comes in with our Video Switcher Bundle Keys as part of a unique set. Using various key blockers and key caps the XKE-128 unit gives perfect base to customise your own X-keys unit making it useful for Video Switcher applications.

With removable angled feet this keypad can be used landscape or portrait with red or blue backlighting supporting vision in low lit areas with tall and wide keycaps being able to instantly customise the XKE-128 keypad allowing it to fit in any environment or industry including broadcasting gaming casinos CAD designing and much more.

The new Video Switcher Key Set Includes:

• Numbers 1 – 12 on single, clear acrylic keys with red, blue, green and orange backgrounds.
• M1 – M8 on single, clear acrylic keys with a white background.
• IN, OUT, four arrows and 1 – 6 on single, clear acrylic keys with a black background
• REC, STM on single, clear acrylic keys with a red background.
• Wide clear acrylic keys with a grey background and “AUTO 1”, “AUTO 2”, “AUTO 3” and “TAKE” printed on the keys.
• 61 Key Blockers
• A black paper mask to cover the key deck and reduce backlighting bleeding over.

Compatible with Windows and Mac with free downloadable programming software the XKE-128 is perfect for anyone who wants to work with ease and create shortcuts to support and assist with the workload.