X-Keypad XK-60 Keyboard for X-Plane

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X-KeyPad provides an advanced driver for X-keys® devices to control X-plane 10 or 11. X-KeyPad in conjunction with X-Keys input hardware makes a home cockpit more immersive. You will spend less time clicking with a mouse or searching for keys on a keyboard. Clearly labeled, responsive, and prototypical buttons let you focus on the flight instead of the computer.

P.I. Engineering and Stick and Rudder Studios collaborated to configure these special kits for the XK-60 and XK-80 including a free back-light mask. The mask reduces bleed over from adjacent keys to make is easier to recognise the individual key illumination triggered by X-keyPad. The two units featured in the demo video below have these masks installed.


  • X-Plane 10 or 11
  • Windows operating system
    • Support for OSX and Linux is not currently available but may be added in the future
  • FlyWithLua plugin is need for a number of the sample configurations
  • A willingness to learn about X-Plane datarefs and commands
  • The dataref tool plugin for X-Plane is highly recommended.

Register X-KeyPad

X-KeyPad can be run in a registered (paid) and unregistered (free) mode. The unregistered version will limit you to defining keys 0 – 31 on an X-Key device. The registered version allows you to define all keys from 0 – 127.

You can download the plugin for both the registered and unregistered version below. Even if you have not purchased an X-Key device yet it is a good idea to download the archive, read the manual, and look at the sample configurations. They will give you a good idea what is involved with setting up your future X-Key device. There are also some X-KeyPad tutorial videos here.

Obtain a license key by registering your copy of X-KeyPad here: https://www.stickandrudderstudios.com/x-keypad-for-x-keys/


  • Eliminate the need for rotary encoders by entering simulator numeric data on your X-Key device
  • Any writable dataref
  • COM radio frequencies
  • Nav radio frequencies
  • Altimeter setting
  • Transponder code
  • Autopilot parameters
    • Altitude
    • Vertical Speed
    • Air Speed
    • Heading
    • Course
  • Control the X-Key back-lighting for each individual key using data from X-Plane
  • Optionally enable Text to Speech confirmation for key press and data entry
  • Support a wide variety of 3rd party planes through advanced configuration capabilities and FlyWithLua scripts
  • XK-80 sample configurations available
    • Default Cessna 172
    • Default Baron 58
    • Default 737
    • Default C90
    • Aerobask DA62
    • Dden Challenger 300

These unique sets include a back-light mask in additional to the usual pre-boxed unit and sample key kit (tall and wide keycaps), and a key puller.

Keyboard Specialists (KBS) are the official UK distributor of X-Keys products, and we take pride when dealing with all X-Keys enquiries. We keep large amounts of stock of all products and take care when packaging and dispatching to ensure these products arrive in pristine condition. KBS will happily work on any custom X-Keys projects and supports you through the entire ordering process, working quickly and efficiently on every enquiry. After-purchase support is available if you need any help with installing or setting up your X-Keys.