X-Keys USB 3 KVM Switch Interface

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Please note: KVM version X-keys send pure USB HID keyboard codes and are intended for use only with hardware that does not have a traditional operating system behind it (like a KVM). If the X-keys will be connected directly to a Windows, OS X, or Linux computer, our standard X-keys products may be better suited to fit your requirements.

This version of the USB 3 Switch Interface is configured to work with KVM (Keyboard Video Mouse) switches to control multiple computers from a single work station. Any keyboard combination or string of keystrokes can have a designated switch. The X-keys emulates a standard USB keyboard and eliminates issues with most KVM input limitations.

The X-Keys USB 3 KVM Switch Interface has been designed by X-Keys to work with the unique X-Keys switches, including the Orby Switch, Plate Switch and Trigger Switch, allowing them to connect to a computer with a USB to be programmed to suit the user. Programming may include simple tasks such as copy, paste, drag, drop etc. but they can also be used to open files, directories and other programmes. 

The X-Keys 3 switch interface comes with 1 standard 3.5mm jack which can then be split using X-Keys splitter cables to make up to 3 ports. 

Compatible with Windows and Mac with free downloadable programming software, the XK-1446 is perfect for anyone who wants to work with ease and create shortcuts to support and assist with workload.

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