X-keys XBE-18 Programmable Keypad

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Transform your workflow with full RGB backlighting and 18 customisable keys on the XBE-18 Keypad. Set your keys backlighting to any colour or program the lighting to serve as activation lights or dynamic flashes, providing visual cues for your operations. Experience a new level of productivity as your keypad becomes an extension of your creativity.

18 Programmable Keys

Tailor your keypad to your exact needs with 18 fully programmable keys. Download our free MacroWorks 3.1 software to easily assign macros, shortcuts, and complex commands to the programmable keys on the XBE-18 Keypad without requiring advanced technical skills.

RGB Backlighting

Immerse yourself in a vibrant gaming or work environment with customisable RGB backlighting. Choose from a spectrum of colours and lighting effects. Programmable backlighting also serves as intuitive indicator lights, providing visual cues for various functions and commands.

Low-Profile Aluminium Case

The XBE-18 Keypad boasts a sleek, low-profile aluminium case that not only enhances durability but also provides a slight angle for ergonomic comfort during extended use.

Customisable Layout

Take personalisation to the next level by easily switching out keys and rearranging the layout to suit your preferences. Add key blockers to organise groupings of keys and serve as tactile guides, allowing your fingers to effortlessly navigate the keyboard.

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