Angled Feet for the X-keys Keypads

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The X-keys Programmable keypad comes as standard with an angled base which is designed to make usability easy but when typing quickly and for long periods of time this can cause strain and could lead to RSI.


With the addition of Angled Feet your X-keys can now be on a higher angle which is designed make sure that you can enter data more comfortably with less chance of causing Repetitive Strain Injury.
Replacement feet for:
  • XK-24
  • XK-12+Jog & Shuttle
  • XK-12+Joystick
  • XK-12+Touchpad  
  • XK-60  
  • XK-80
  • XK-68+Jog & Shuttle
  • XK-68+Joystick